Investment Approval

The investment approval for investors (locators) in Dawei Special Economic Zone is granted by the Dawei SEZ Management Committee while investment approval for investors outside Dawei SEZ is granted by the Myanmar Investment Commission (MIC).

In order to grant the investment approval, the Dawei SEZ Management Committee makes quantitative and qualitative assessment/evaluation on each investment proposal.

The main criteria included in the quantitative assessment include investment amount, number of staff/workers to be employed, exportation status, application of new technology, production of new products or product development, reputation and transparency of proposed investor, investment amount per hector, number of staff/workers per hector, water and electricity consumption. For instance, the investment proposals that contain higher amount of investment, more number workers, high investment per hectare and more number of workers per hectare get more points.

The main criteria in the qualitative assessment include how the investment could be beneficial for the country, how it could be complementary with other industries, how it could fulfill the needs of Dawei SEZ, etc.

The Management Committee shall decide to approve or approve with modification or reject a proposal placed before it within thirty (30) days of its receipt. When the Management Committee approves a proposal with modifications or it rejects a proposal, it shall record the reasons in writing and shall inform such reasons to the person making the proposal.

The Management Committee shall issue a Letter of Approval in Form-2 on approval of a proposal. The Letter of Approval shall include the regulations specified by the Management Committee including the items of manufacture or particulars of service activity, and trading or warehousing, limitations on sale of finished goods in Domestic Tariff Area.