The Initial Phase Development Consortium

The Organization- Initial Phase Development Consortium

For Initial Phase Development, a Consortium of companies led by Italian-Thai Development PLC (ITD) was selected by the Dawei Special Economic Zone Management Committee to be the Master Developer. Concession Agreements have been signed between the MC and the Consortium for majority of projects. The purpose of the Concession Agreements to ensure strong performance monitoring, define clear consequences in case of termination and detail technical commitments. The Consortium of companies include:

organizationItalian-Thai Development PLC is involved in construction, project management, and engineering and design of large-scale civil works and infrastructure projects in many countries around the world.  ITD's projects include airports, buildings. dams, tunnels, highways, expressways, railways, bridges, industrial plants, mining,. pipelines, utility works, marine construction services, rapid transit and telecommunications With over 45 years of experience and more than 1,300 projects, ITD is considered one of Southeast Asia's leading construction companies.

organizationRojana Industrial Park PLC is one of Thailand's leading industrial estate developers. It is a Thai-Japanese joint venture founded in 1988 by two private business entities, the Vinichbutr Group and Nippon Steel & Sumikin Bussan Corporation. Rojana has  established four industrial parks: Ayutthaya Province, Prachinburi Province, Rojana Bankhai in Rayong, Rojana Pluakdang in Rayong. Rojana has also expanded its business in other related fields, such as electricity, water,  wastewater treatment, and commercial residences.

organizationLNG Plus International Company Limited (“LNG Plus”) is a Thailand-based energy company. LNG Plus specializes in activities along the entire LNG activity chain from small scale liquefaction to transportation to storage to transportation to end-users, to storage and regasification at site in order to supply natural gas as alternate clean and economical fuel for power generation; industrial and commercial usage, and diesel replacement in transport sector.

organizationEGCO is the first independent power producer in Thailand. EGCO Group companies operate in the power sector with Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) or power generation and related business.. EGCO Group is a listed company on the Stock Exchange of Thailand (SET). The ultimate shareholders of EGCO’s major controlling shareholders are Electricity Generating Authority of Thailand (EGAT) and TEPDIA Generating B.V. (TEPDIA).