Dawei Special Economic Zone


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Development of Dawei SEZ - Overview

The development of Dawei SEZ will be done in Phases. Given its very ambitious scale, developing the full Dawei SEZ Project will take many years. To start the development of Dawei SEZ Project, and create jobs from day 1, the development of Dawei SEZ is done in phases. The various industries will be developed in phases, in line with the phased development of key infrastructures.

Initial Phase (2015-2020)
Full Phase (after 2020)



Up to 27 km2 196.5 km2

Focus industries


Light and medium manufacturing, labour-intensive in nature Heavy manufacturing, scale and infrastructure-dependent in nature

Supporting infrastructure


Set-up and development of infrastructure Addition, upgrade and enlargement of infrastructure



To be done by Consortium of Thai companies led by Italian-Thai Development PLC Allocation of individual projects to be determined by the Myanmar government