Dawei Special Economic Zone


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Development of Dawei SEZ- Full Phase

After the Initial Phase, heavy manufacturing industries, which are more capital-intensive, scale-dependent and infrastructure-dependent, will begin to develop in Dawei SEZ. Heavy industries will co-exist with light and medium manufacturing from the Initial Phase forming an ecosystem of companies from various industries:


In the Full Phase, infrastructure is upgraded and enlarged to support growth in scale of the industrial estate and to cater for requirements of heavier industries, which are more scale-dependent and infrastructure-dependent in nature.

>  Initial port with 2 berths
>  Multipurpose
>  Deep-sea port
>  12 berths
>  22 berths >  36 berths
>  Total 1,000 MW >  3,000  MW >  5,000 MW
>  Upgraded access toll road
>   2-lane, asphalt-paved
>  4-lane paved toll   >  Expandable to 4-lane or more
Residential area
>  5 km2 >  21 km2   >  39 km2